The Birth of BossMan…
AKA ‘Paws and Pubs’

We would like, if we may, to take you with us as we turn back time...

Chapter 1: Paws

Rewinding 9 years. The paw factor is a Rottweiler who belonged to Scott. A tower of strength, fetching features, he was highly intelligent and well mannered, his name was BossMan! Whether he took after his owner is still highly debatable to this day.

Chapter 2: Pubs

The pub factor is a Richmond institution The London Tavern. One Autumn afternoon as the sun filtered through the trees in the beer garden, the creativity (and wine), began flowing faster than Winx thundering down the home straight at Flemington.

The concept, the business plan, the networking, the financials were all scribbled down on dozens of beer coasters by the two budding entrepreneurs. Legend has it, the beer coasters survived and retired to the back of a dusty drawer in Scott’s desk.

Fast forward to present day, and BossMan manages a wonderfully diverse portfolio of clients. From “Paws ’n Pubs” to assisting clients in their journey of Dreaming it, Creating it and Marketing it - just like Jan and Scott did all those years ago.


3pm Allen’s Lollies. Preferably strawberries and creams.
Burger day at The London
Scaring the bajeezus out of each other
Piccolo lattes and coffee in general
‘Quiet’ chats about politics
Any excuse for CONFETTI
Carlton Football Team
Pilates with the girls
Dancing to the BossMan Spotify playlist
Feel the BossMan Groove

Friday Jams.

We Are

Psst... tap our piccies for some cheeky li'l team insights...

Jan Meehan.

Managing Director & Mumma Bear

Scott Reinemann.

Director & Hugh Hefner

Tara McBride.

Art Director & Reacher of High Things

Clare O'Malley.

Account Manager & Bringer of the Sparkle

Liz Sullivan.

Chief Storyteller & PR Spinner

Alex Meehan.

Account Manager & Shoe Obsessed Fashionista

Kobi Jae.

Web Developer & Fanatical Cat Lady

Elise Hehir.

Account Coordinator & Little Ray of Sunshine

Renee Pantas.

Account Coordinator & Tiny Human Doing Big Things

Toula Dragojlovic.

Finance Angel & Keeper of The Books

Lil Boss.

Head of HR & Team Mascot